This course will cover various topics including: identifying hazards from assault by fire and gravity; how building construction can influence fire spread, fire confinement or structural collapse; and other life safety issues. This course identifies construction features and their hazards under fire conditions.

Required Textbook: Building Construction Related to the Fire Service (3rd ed); IFSTA (2010) ISBN: 978-087939371-7

This course is designed to assist fire officers in solving the varied problems and situations they will be required to manage effectively in today’s ever changing fire service. The curriculum includes a review of fire department organization and administration, management theory, leadership, communications, motivation and group dynamics.

Required Textbook: Fire Officer Principles and Practice (2nd ed); Jones & Bartlett (2010)ISBN: 978-0-7637-5835-6

Required Text

Optional Study Guide Curriculum covers multiple company operations, logistics, strategy, use of mutual aid forces and conflagration control. The course is intended for officers who may be in command of fires and other emergencies involving close coordination and maximum use of large amounts of staffing and equipment. Typical tactical situations and case histories are given. The development of critical thinking skills is stressed.

***FFP1810 Firefighting Strategies and Tactics I is required prior to attending this course.***

This course covers the principles of effective curriculum design. It stresses the principles of adult learning and student-centered learning. Designing courses and units that address learning, performance, and behavioral objectives is the program goal.
Fire Service Course Design covers Chapters 5, 7, 9, 10, and 11.

***Students must have FFP1740 Fire Service Course Delivery prior to attending this course (or instructor permission.)***

This course is conducted in a blended format, with the didactic portion completed in the online format and student presentations being conducted during the last week of the month.

Required Textbook: Fire Service Instructor; Jeffrey Lindsey (2006) ISBN: 0-13-124557-0

A study of fire inspection practices, including such items as purpose; definition; Fire Prevention Bureau activities; hazards; fire behavior; fire causes; types of construction including structural features, flame spread, occupancy and fireload; inspection techniques; conducting inspections. Required Text
Optional Study Guide